Schalltag - Drumz 4 The Ravin' Kru

The Schalltag Crew was formed in 1996 by a group of like-minded DJs, promoters, MCs, sound technicians and visual artists with a simple mission: to bring on a different party vibe, to make their homebase Essen and the Ruhr area a better place to live (especially on weekends) while actively participating in the global proliferation of fine kick-ass breaks and b-lines.

Schalltag has since organized numerous legendary events, ranging from underground parties at arcane locations to big club event series featuring internationally renowned guest DJs.

Schalltag has always been on the forefront of innovative music. Coming from backgrounds as diverse as HipHop, House, Ragga, Happy Hardcore and Punkrock the crew members share a love for dance music, particularly the ever evolving forms of UK underground rave, from early 'Ardcore and Jungle to Drum&Bass, UKGarage and its latest successors like Grime and Dubstep.

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